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Partner Solutions

Custom, turnkey solutions for establishing, expanding or transitioning advanced wound healing programs.
RestorixHealth is the only wound center management company who will provide a Custom Solution for wound care tailored specifically for your hospital or health system. RestorixHealth specializes in developing and managing clinically and financially successful wound centers in partnership with hospitals, healthcare facilities and health systems. Dedicated to saving limbs and optimizing patient outcomes, we provide our partners with custom, turnkey solutions for establishing advanced wound healing programs that can improve population health, offer a competitive advantage and increase market share.

Custom Solutions Include

  • Development, takeover or expansion of wound center
  • Comprehensive Wound Center
  • Amputation Prevention Center®
  • Rural Access Hospital Programs
  • Bedside Care Delivery

RestorixHealth is not a “one-size-fits-all” management company. Our approach is wide-ranging in resources, service models and operational support and we have a long history of proven performance that has resulted in measurable improvement in patients’ lives and profitable, long-term relationships with our partners.

Our turnkey, custom solutions are specific to your hospital needs and take into account your current population, service lines and growth plans. We’ll provide you with a customized market and demand analysis and proforma so you will have the information you need to choose a solution that’s right for you.

Whichever options you choose, our on-site, regional and corporate teams will remain 100% engaged every step of the way.

Varied and flexible partnership term

Risk-free, performance-based pricing options

Design, engineer and build-out responsibility

Center staff employment

Equipment and furnishings provision


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Improve Population Health

Improve wound healing rates and prevent amputations

Patients see right provider at right time

Make appropriate referrals to treat co-morbid conditions

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Enhance Quality

Maintain high patient satisfaction scores

Continuous process improvement

Advanced, customized EMR

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Ensure Compliance

Internal monitoring and auditing

Policies and procedures

Designated compliance officer and committee

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Develop A Profitable Service Line

Attract new patients to the system by offering a specialty service line

Generate outpatient, inpatient and surgical revenue

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Gain A Competitive Advantage

Establish your hospital or health system as a wound care leader and innovator

Become a regional leader and destination provider as an exclusive Amputation Prevention Center®

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