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Meet a Wound Care Provider

February 27, 2019


Medical Director
MidHudson Regional Hospital Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine of Westchester Medical Center Health Network 

Q: What was it like treating wound patients before working at the wound center?

A: Prior to joining wound center I was providing wound care to my patients as a part of my vascular surgery practice.  Some of these wounds are complicated and require additional support services as well as supplies which are often not available in a private practice setting.  Transferring care of these patients in the wound care setting allowed me to focus on their wounds with all the available expert nursing help.  It also allowed me to focus on my vascular surgical practice better.

Q: What has been the greatest change in your process for seeing patients now?

A: When I am treating patients in the wound care center, I am able to focus on various factors for non-healing of the wound which would include nutrition, management of diabetes, appropriate offloading and proper compression therapy to list a few.  The choice of various advanced dressings available through wound center also has helped me treatment patients better.

Q: What would you say to a provider who was on the fence about working in the wound center?

A: Being part of a team of providers with various background of their primary specialty has improved outcome and increased satisfaction of the patient as well as of the referring physician.  It has also helped me improve my knowledge base of wound healing.