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The Wound Clinic at Memorial Medical Center saves patient’s leg from amputation

March 18, 2019

Mr. Wright, like most of us, has an active lifestyle. One of his favorite pastimes is fishing and being outdoors with his family.

Unfortunately, after a day of wade fishing in May of 2018, he noticed that something did not seem right with his left lower leg. He was seen in the emergency room the following day, and started on outpatient IV antibiotic therapy as treatment for necrotizing fasciitis. Necrotizing fasciitis, also known as the “flesh eating bacteria” can cause rapid destruction to tissue. Mr. Wright ended up being admitted to the hospital to continue his IV antibiotics and to have a deep surgical debridement done to remove dead tissue. Sadly, this resulted in a large wound consuming approximately half of his left lower leg.

After discharge from the hospital on June 26, he was referred to the Wound Clinic at Memorial Medical Center. He was seen at the clinic weekly for assessment of the wound’s progress, debridement when needed, lab and cultures when indicated and initiation of appropriate wound care products as the wound entered different stages of the healing process. In addition to seeing the wound clinic weekly, the patient’s dressings were changed on non-clinic days by Memorial Medical Center Physical Therapy department. Part of this patient’s treatment also consisted of receiving a skin graft, which was performed by Dr. Rojas, a general Surgeon at MMC.

We are happy to report that the wound was healed on September 18, 2018 and amputation was prevented. Mr. Wright has been able to return to hunting and fishing and all things he loves to do. This was a great example of team work involving many different departments within the hospital and the patient and patient’s family.